Fracking Beyond the Law: Well Data

About This Data 

The Environmental Integrity Project obtained this data from the Frac Focus Chemical Disclosure Registry and the PIVOT Upstream Group’s D-FRAC Database. Information about the chemicals used to hydraulically fracture oil and gas wells is currently self-reported by oil and gas well operators to FracFocus. As a result, oil and gas well operators can edit, add, and remove their disclosures from the site without leaving a record of or justification for the change. While we were conducting our analysis and verifying the data obtained from PIVOT, EIP discovered that many of the 2011 and 2012 disclosures that indicated diesel use when PIVOT obtained the disclosures from FracFocus (mid-to-late 2012) had been changed in a way that no longer indicated the injection of diesel.  In the downloadable data, these well disclosures are marked with a “N” in Column H.  Each well disclosure marked with a “Y” in column H still indicated diesel use when EIP downloaded the disclosure as part of its verification process (between June 18 and August 5, 2014).  If a disclosure with a “Y” in Column H no longer indicates injection of diesel on FracFocus, the disclosure has been recently changed.  PIVOT retains copies of all disclosures in its database, and we also retained copies of all disclosures downloaded as part of our verification process. 

The downloadable Excel workbook contains two spreadsheets. One spreadsheet contains data about oil and gas wells hydraulically fractured with diesel fuels, and the other contains instructions for exploring the data. For questions related to using this data, please send an email to info@environmentalintegrity.org, subject line ‘Fracking Beyond the Law: Well Data.”


 Download Well Data