Dirty Deception

A booming new industry that cuts down forests in the Southern United States to generate electricity in Europe, under the false pretense that burning wood pellets is carbon neutral, releases… Read more

Toxic Shell Game

“Toxic Shell Game” examines the Trump administration’s withdrawal of a 23-year-old EPA policy called “Once In, Always In,” which requires hundreds of major sources of air pollution — coal-fired power… Read more

Paying Less to Pollute

After a year in office, civil cases for pollution violations under the Trump Administration declined by 44 percent and penalties were down by 49 percent. This report documents that federal… Read more

Asthma and Air Pollution in Baltimore City

This report documents stark differences in asthma hospitalization rates in rich versus poor neighborhoods in Baltimore, and reveals a dramatic drop in the far southern part of the city after… Read more

Trading Away Clean Water Progress in Maryland

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has proposed using markets to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, but the department’s new nutrient pollution trading rules are bound to stall progress… Read more

Toxic Runoff from Maryland Industry

A new report by the Environmental Integrity Project and Center for Progressive Reform, Toxic Runoff from Maryland Industry, examined U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Maryland records for 180 industrial sites that… Read more

Unsustainable Agriculture

Farmers in four south central Pennsylvania counties contribute disproportionately to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay by spreading over four times more nitrogen and phosphorus in manure per acre than farmers… Read more

A Tale of Two Neurotoxins

This report, "A Tale of Two Neurotoxins," is about lead and a pesticide called chlorpyrifos. Both chemicals damage the developing brains of young children, with permanent impacts on IQ and… Read more