The Advocate’s Guide to Effective Participation in Environmental Permit Proceedings

This is a guide for advocates who want to challenge the construction of LNG export terminals. LNG terminals are some of the largest pollution sources built in the US today. They are also among the more complex facility types to challenge because of the number of agencies involved and overlapping laws with which they must comply. The goal of this guide is to help communities exercise their legal right to contest permit approvals that do not meet all legal requirements and to bring enforcement actions when LNG terminals violate environmental laws.

Advocates working in Texas and Louisiana in particular will benefit from this guide, which is geared toward legal practitioners, but an effective tool for anyone interested in the subject, legal background or not.

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Table of Contents

List of Appendices

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Technical Background

Chapter 3: Legal Overview

Chapter 4: FERC Certificates and Authorizations

Chapter 5: DOE Approval

Chapter 6: The Army Corps of Engineers’ Decisions and Permits

Chapter 7: Clean Water Act Section 401 State Water Quality Certifications

Chapter 8: State Air Permits

Chapter 9: Tax Abatements

Chapter 10: Other Topics


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