EIP focuses on four major issue areas


EIP uses its legal expertise and technical analysis to combat the air and water pollution from coal-fired power plants and their ash dumps. We challenge permits that are too lax to protect public health, take legal actions against big polluters, advocate for stronger regulations, and release reports and data to inform the public about the many problems caused by this fossil fuel.


Industrial livestock operations and agricultural runoff are the largest sources of pollution in the nation’s largest estuary. We scrutinize the water and air emissions from factory farms, and use this data as part of our national efforts to push EPA to more closely regulate this industry. EIP also issues investigative reports about many other sources of pollution in the Bay, including from industries and sewage, and files lawsuits against big polluters.


The rise of hydraulic fracturing has sparked a dramatic expansion in drilling and related petrochemical industries, and this has increased pollution and threats to public health and the climate. From our office in Austin, Texas, to our community outreach work in western Pennsylvania, EIP works to hold the powerful oil and gas industry accountable to following all environmental laws and being transparent about its pollution.


Because lower-income and minority neighborhoods are often dumped by industry and ignored by regulators, EIP helps residents of environmental justice communities fight for their rights and protect their health. In Baltimore, we team up with local residents to challenge big new sources of pollution. And in Texas, we make sure that air pollution from refineries and factories is monitored and controlled.