Gathering the Facts

Protecting public health and the environment, empowering communities, standing up to polluters; these things require a firm grasp of the facts.

That’s why the Environmental Integrity Project prioritizes gathering, analyzing, and sharing data. We aim to make our data as accessible as possible, so that anyone interested—academics, community activists, government officials—can use it to answer questions and help hold polluters and governments accountable.

Tracking Oil and Gas Infrastructure Emissions

Oil & Gas Watch is a free, public inventory that tracks this rapid expansion of oil, gas, and petrochemical infrastructure throughout the United States.


State Air Pollution Emissions Inventories

To provide convenient public access to state air pollution emissions data, EIP created a map database with the most recent state emissions inventories.

Fenceline Benzene Monitoring

EIP developed free, public, and interactive tools to track fenceline benzene concentrations measured at petroleum refineries starting in 2018.

Coal Ash Groundwater Contamination

EIP built a free, public, machine-readable database that contains monitoring results from over 443 annual groundwater monitoring reports posted online by 265 regulated coal plants and coal ash dumps in 2018.


Carbon Capture, Use, And Sequestration

EIP has prepared several mapping tools, reports, fact sheets, articles, and a compilation of public records to inform communities, the public, and decision-makers about the risks of carbon capture, use, and sequestration and gaps in current laws and regulations that govern it.

Ashtracker provides public access to industry-reported data from state and company records about groundwater contamination at coal ash dumps.


EPA-Related Resources and Documents

Links to various documents EIP has requested from the EPA and analyses of the Agency’s actions.