Gathering the Facts

Protecting public health and the environment, empowering communities, standing up to polluters; these things require a firm grasp of the facts.

That’s why the Environmental Integrity Project prioritizes gathering, analyzing, and sharing data. We aim to make our data as accessible as possible, so that anyone interested—academics, community activists, government officials—can use it to answer questions and help hold polluters and governments accountable.

Tracking Oil and Gas Infrastructure Emissions

Our current database identifies 429 projects that are either pending approval or have been issued draft or final major Clean Air Act construction permits since 2012, authorizing almost 327 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. As of March 2021, our database also includes over 116 interstate natural gas pipeline projects.


Coal Ash Groundwater Contamination

EIP built a free, public, machine-readable database that contains monitoring results from over 443 annual groundwater monitoring reports posted online by 265 regulated coal plants and coal ash dumps in 2018.

EIP developed Ashtracker to help the public access detailed information about groundwater contamination near areas used to dispose of ash, scrubber sludge or other wastes from coal-burning power plants.


EPA-Related Resources and Documents

Links to various documents EIP has requested from the EPA and analyses of the Agency’s actions.