EIP Report: Waste-to-Energy Incinerators Pollute More Per of Hour of Energy than Coal-Fired Power Plants and Are Not Renewable

October 13, 2011 

Proposals for new or expanded waste-to-energy incinerators, which burn trash to create electricity, have been popping up in Maryland.  Reports from these facilities show that they pollute more per hour of energy produced than coal-fired power plants, emitting higher rates of lead, mercury, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

A recently enacted Maryland law equates waste-to-energy incinerators with truly renewable sources like solar and wind energy, making Maryland’s renewable energy program among the most lenient in the country regarding trash incinerators.  The state should focus on recycling and source reduction, which are much better for the environment, for reducing energy use, and for job creation and economic growth, than trash incineration.

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