Over 200 Groups Appeal Directly to Obama to Issue Federal Coal Ash Safeguards

April 16, 2010

The Environmental Integrity Project was one of 239 environmental organizations that sent a letter directly to President Obama requesting swift action to secure EPA’s quick release of protective coal combustion waste (or “coal ash”) disposal regulations.  The groups represent millions of citizens in all fifty states.

“We’ve spent far more time and effort regulating ordinary household garbage than we have the mountains of coal ash that American power plants generate every year,” said Eric Schaeffer, executive director of the Environmental Integrity Project. “These sites have contaminated drinking water wells, creeks, and wetlands with arsenic and other toxic metals, and the problem is only going to spread unless the EPA acts. When you consider how much damage has already been done, regulating these coal ash dumpsites ought to be a no-brainer.”

For a copy of the letter, click here.