Refinery Database Update: 4 Plants Idled; Many Plans for Expansion Put on Hold

Dec 3, 2009

This database has two primary purposes: 1) to list the vital information on current permitting actions for the expansions of existing refineries and construction of new oil refineries in the United States and 2) to keep track of oil refineries processing Canadian tar sands oil.

Currently, there are no opportunities to comment on any New Source Review (NSR) permits authorizing refinery expansion projects. It is important to note that the Environmental Integrity Project does not track federal Title V permits for revisions incorporating changes in NSR permits authorizing refinery expansion projects. For the most part, known expansion projects in the planning stages have been put on hold given the recent low prices of crude oil and thinning profit margins in the refining industry. Since the last update, four refineries with crude capacities totaling 354,350 barrels per calendar day (bpcd) have been idled or will be idled in the near future.

  • Valero in Delaware City, Delaware – 182,200 bpcd
  • Sunoco in Westville, New Jersey (Eagle Point refinery) – 145,000 bpcd
  • Western Refining in Bloomfield, New Mexico – 16,800 bpcd
  • Silver Eagle Refining in Woods Cross, Utah – 10,250 bpcd

The Environmental Integrity Project makes every effort to continually update this database. However, conditions are dynamic and deadlines often change. We appreciate any input regarding updates that should be made. Please contact us via email at or by phone at (512) 637-9477 to let us know of anything that should be updated, deleted, or changed.

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