Particulate-Related Health Impacts of Emissions in 2001 From 41 Major US Power Plants

In a previous analysis for the Environmental Integrity Project, Abt Associates estimated the quantity of health effects attributable to fine PM formed from emissions from the major generating facilities of eight electricity generating companies. That analysis examined the health effects attributable to expected future levels of emissions from 83 power plants in the central and eastern United States. This previous study examined the emissions estimated to be released in 2007, after full implementation of all currently mandated major federal regulatory programs affecting electricity generation emissions. Another study Abt Associates prepared for the Clean Air Task Force2 also looked at 2007, examining the health impacts associated with all major power plants throughout the US. Instead of analyzing the health impacts in a future year (2007), this current report estimates these adverse health effects of the 2001 SO2 and NOx emissions from 41 major power plants.