Coal’s Poisonous Legacy

An examination of industry data available for the first time concludes that 91 percent of U.S. coal-fired power plants with monitoring data are contaminating groundwater with unsafe levels of toxic… Read more

Less Enforcement: Communities at Risk

The Environmental Integrity Project’s report, “Less Enforcement: Communities at Risk,” analyzed two decades of EPA data and federal court records, including new numbers released by the agency on February 8… Read more

Groundwater Contamination at Illinois Coal Plants

A new report written by Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, Prairie Rivers Network and Sierra Club, revealed widespread pollution of the groundwater surrounding 90 percent of reporting Illinois coal ash dumpsites.… Read more

Water Pollution From Slaughterhouses

The Environmental Integrity Project’s new report, “Water Pollution from Slaughterhouses,” finds that three quarters of large U.S. meat processing plants that discharge their wastewater directly into streams and rivers violated… Read more

Preparing for the Next Storm

When refineries and other chemical facilities are forced to shut down and restart due to inclement weather, such as was the case with Hurricane Harvey, they release additional harmful pollutants.… Read more

Dirty Deception

A booming new industry that cuts down forests in the Southern United States to generate electricity in Europe, under the false pretense that burning wood pellets is carbon neutral, releases… Read more

Toxic Shell Game

“Toxic Shell Game” examines the Trump administration’s withdrawal of a 23-year-old EPA policy called “Once In, Always In,” which requires hundreds of major sources of air pollution — coal-fired power… Read more